30 Oct 2009


Actually this theme colour is my theme during my engagement. For my wedding, i think it will turn warna warni theme since i feel like not to choose pink for all things (curtain rumah pun dh beli grey colour..hehehe)..but i really adore this theme colour..

Let me reveal a bit about the colour of my wedding..

Curtain rumah : Grey + blue (cantik tak agak2?)
Room deco : Curtain - pink, black, white / bedsheet - still hunting for it, planning to find something a bit pinky but more interest on white / flower arrangement - white, calla lilies perhaps / pomander balls pink + white (still in progress) / lantern - headache looking for this, couldn't find something plain pinky2 colour or even plain white colour, but thinking to buy it from Ikea but out from my theme colour)
The Dais : All white even the flower (i don't like to add on any other colour, if black a bit (damask design) is ok..
Hantaran : Pink base of the dulang, fresh white Pompoms Chrysanthemum, with shocking pink pearl beads / little butterfly (butterfly i used for my engagement, nnt bosan lak ek)
Meja Makan Pengantin : I have no idea since need to discuss with caterer what they can provide, but probably looking for white+baby pink table clothe/cover, center piece might be white+pink (no idea kind of flower), background white+pink also, something on the plate (i'll keep the idea until the day)..
Khemah : Of course baby pink + white (if can put 2 colour if available, need to check also)..
Cake cutting : I am thinking to have cake cutting on the day instead of nite time..But perhaps i have to make it twice - day and nite (for the family at nite)..The idea is there but need to reconfirm again on the budget and design. But pink colour is must.

Hurm, seems like still pink everywhere, except for the house curtain..Ok la kot ek..takkan nak sume pink kan..then people will call me pinky later pulak..(even i never like pink since i was young)..

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