5 Aug 2009


On 20 June we going to Singapore for a short trip. Actually the main reason or purpose is to go jalan-jalan sambil celebrate birthday my Mr F. It is a bit tiring trip since we did not want overnight there (with some reasons). We depart from KUL by train on 19 June at night. Arrive the next day (morning). Start the tour to Sentosa Island, then go to Orchard Road for shopping. Having our late lunch at Bukit Timah ( where Mr F meet his friend) and end the tour by train to KUL on the same day. Actually i just want to have some different mood by celebrating his birthday in front of Merlion (at Sentosa Island).

Em..actually aku dh plan a few month before, tapi sbbkan kesuntukan masa, trip tu jd tiring trip sbb terlalu singkat. Furthermore we have to take MRT from one point to one point (walaupun sistem MRT in Singapore boleh dikatakan agaka efisyen, tp for me i still feel tired because we have to walk from one platform to another (kalau yg differ level etc). As a suprise i bought him ***** (rahsia)..hehehhe..Tak tau lah Mr F suka ke tak, but he wore once (sepanjang pengetahuan aku la)..Actually time nak beli tu aku dh nampak yg lain, tp fianlly after get some opinions aku beli yg this one (tapi hati aku ni still teringat2 yg lagi satu tu, nevermind, i get for next time ek, nak beli for hantaran, dah ada Paul Smith tu..)..Masa nak fikir what should i give him as a present, semua org aku tanya..masa tu mmg really blank without any idea..Tp skrg ni mcm2 plak idea aku..takpelah, keep for next birthday.

Anyway, i still enjoy the trip and hope same goes to him (but sorry sbb trip tu too short and tiring)..Hope i can plan something better next year..

The birthday entry is here.

**Photos still in Mr F laptop, so those photos only i have in my collections.